Collaborative Issues including - (but not limited to) :

(Note: IRS; CT Revenue; DMV; Auto Auctions, Windsor CT & bank credit line usage, buying & selling issues - Possible Money Laundering and Tax Evasion, black money - under the table - Investigations needed? Also crossing the Canada Border with large amounts of cash, see below.)

* Auto Storage - Over charged, double billed (almost $1700 paid twice - after comparing notes - once by father, again by son, and another $800 at a different time), Bundy failed to pay & withheld payments to Bundy's Storage partnership partner and lied about - per Edward Hunt.

* Tires & Wheels and AS wheels - Purchased redline tires, wrong size for 67 Mustang Convertible, was to sell and pocketed the money.

* 2002 GMC $55,000 - Purchased for mid $30k from Bundy after he used for a year, 6 months later while in Divorce (which money was to go to Divorcee spouse) said no buyers (Bundy Purposely did not market) and sold to one of Judy's Daughter & Husband for $18,000 - well below market value. When asked about was told sold to a person in California. Only By mistake Service Manager related sold by Bundy to Bundy's family.

* Services Provided by Bundy for Brakes on a 88 Mercury cost $1200 and failed while on a trip and had to have another service shop repair when the car stopped on a highway and had to be towed; Brakes were Improperly Installed by Bundy.

* Provided Computer Service and supplies, Never paid for.

* Provided Internet Services and supplies, paid late, and often Never paid.

* Provide Internet Services and supplies, exchange for Storage, while Storage partnership partner was never told the truth and assumed Storage partnership invoices went unpaid. When asked to explain to partner Bundy related no need.

* Undersold several cars, as related, sold for more and pocketed the overage. Bundy once said he makes at least $7000 on a used car sale using his smooth talk / pitch. Another was neighbor Tom who thought he was getting a good deal on a pickup truck Bundy purchased at auction, at the last moment - was not the best he could have gotten for Tom after others reviewed by Bundy; he commented, but it was the end of the day and needed to return with something.John Bundy, brother, once said the only time you will hear from my brother Richard Bundy is if he wants something from you to benefit ONLY himself.

* John. Bundy related once nor his sister would NEVER take anything to be serviced at Bundys. J.Bundy has had his share of Canadian women in Canada as well; seems like a new one every winter season, often share even some with an old married friend; like with Ron, who's wife has no idea and is a very special person. J.Bundy has spent along with R.Bundy so much money over the years, they each could of purchased another house or more from the one each has in CT with their families there. Other CT Bundy friends take advantage of what Canada offers beyond Snowmobiling as well, another CT married friend even brings his own girlfriend from CT with him. This might help: Here is a website in this regard.

* Richard Bundy's mistress in Canada, Nickole set up housekeeping, while Judy in CT was faithful. Bundy would have Judy pay bills to Nick to hide Nickole. It was hard to be talking to Judy from Canada house when she called as she was trying to get sizes to purchase cloths from L.L.Bean for Bundy for snow trips while Nickole was in the very same Canada house. Bundy was told no more, since your not paying. Bundy still never paid back money given to Nick as promised he would. Also Bundy was told to stop spending money not needed in Canada but only because his mistress wanted to make her mark, it was a new house. Judy died and Bundy took good wishes & greetings, at the church funeral service was disturbing to say the least; Bundy a cheater with no Remorse, no Gilt, and no Shame. Bundy continued his relationship in Canada after Judy death as he had for years before. Bundy spent thousands on vacations with his Mistress before and after Judy died. Bundy Simply just failed to have any feelings beyond his own self Gratification. On several motor cross trips Bundy was out right nasty and mean to Judy. One trip Judy's two girls pleaded with Bundy to stop his Insatiable Abuse of their mother; again not the first or last time. Once remembered another time, to Stowe Vermont car show - Judy cried for days on that trip and others because of Bundy's Rudeness / outright crudeness, towards Judy, about her looks, her teeth, etc... Not the first, nor the last time - sad ... Bundy would spend thousands, yet had no money for expenses (even when Bundy would carry large amounts of money often across the border - he said - from sale of auction cars - once over $12,000 in cash for his good times, to show off and for / with Mistress); but NOT for the house in Canada, he said, when asked to share, he would throw checks across the desk, and say he hated to spend the money. Once saw Bundy spent over $5000 one week-end. He personally drink enough himself for many persons, bottles of wine; very much standard - and expensive to show he could afford it, and that he was the big man and provided a big show - let me pay; yet behind the scenes other people he invited as guests to his big shows had to pay. At one such show the bill for the hotel went unpaid for another quest; While checking out the other quest checking related Bundy had told him he was covering the Room charges - that he was there as his quest. At the end of this week-end at check out, for which he promised to pay for the other quest, others had to pay, which Judy related she would cover, and Bundy never did. Funny after Nickole who Bundy dropped cold after many years. Nickole would call with no reply - is Bundy dead? He said he found a woman with more money - Gale. Hope she is doing well.

Much More to follow ...

Short Story Publication - Stress in most good people's lives comes from interaction with evil people.
ONE SUCH PERSON IS >> Bundy, Richard - Rockville / Vernon, CT. LOOK FOR THIS; Coming Soon.

BUNDY Still trying to fool people - revised :

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