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A note from the author: The Verified Complaint in part explains the whys and wherefores. Richard Bundy and Marc Cloutier along with Bundy's attorney did plan & design to steal and injure the Hunt's as outlined and detailed. As it has turned out some in part caused from the stress have died as a result and others injured physically and financially resulting and including but not limited to Perspectives on Loss and Trauma of Sylvia Hunt family trust of $365.000 ( Bundy and his attorney along with the trustee have miss appropriated funds for their own benefits, against / not what Sylvia Hunt requested WHICH WAS TO PROTECT HER INVESTMENT SHE PAID FOR TOTALLY AGAINST LAWYERS AND GOVERNMENT IN A TITLE 19 TRUST to her benefit first and her son, in this case , as she did separately for her daughter. NOT TO BE STOLEN by GRAND CHILDREN AND THE TRUSTEE EX-DAUGHTER IN-LAW SPEARED ON and aided BY BUNDY ) in dealings with Bundy in regard to Tolland & Canada properties; the trust still in Probate to be resolved. SYLVIA HUNT - A MOTHER, WIFE AND VERY GOOD PERSON DIEAD IN PART AS A RESULT OF BUNDY'S ACTIONS & THROUGH HIS and his attorneys DIRECTIONS ALONG WITH THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS HE WAS COMPLICIT as follows: BUNDY DIRECTLY AND THE RESULT OF HIS AND OTHERS PLANNED ACTIONS involved threatening phone calls and messages design JUST TO HURT the Hunts. The Bundy group related to her - that her own Trust and investment in the Canada House along with any other assets was going to be taken from her. WITHIN TWENTY MINUTES OF ONE such PHONE CALL answered by SYLVIA HUNT, she PASSED OUT ON THE FLOOR having A STROKE because of. THE SAME AS IF BUNDY, Marc Cloutier AND THE OTHERS INVOLVED HAD MURDERED SYLVIA HUNT was the finial result regarding the quality of her life and directly resulted in her being paralyzed and bedridden from several strokes because of Bundy's and others actions effecting her life directly; which BUNDY & Others knew about. Bottom line this is all about greed and stealing as related to the Canada House and the Sylvia Hunt Trust: JUST SIMPLY EVIL AND DIRECTED TO HURT & STEAL !

The Internet and other new such venues has succeeded in becoming a tool that many regular people can turn today, much like the Colt 45 was years past known as The Equalizer. Once Newspapers, Radio, & TV where available only to the rich as is also true trying to use the legal system / court costs.

AGAIN: what is necessary for the triumph of evil - for bad men to prevail (like Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Hitler, others, Ṣaddām Ḥusayn and Bundy) is that good men say or do nothing. Be CAREFUL for they will fool you falsely to trust them appearing as man doing good deeds and telling you they have your best interest in mind and you can trust them.


**All information is publicly available and true. Motions & Exhibits will verify The truth of this website content.

*The editor of this Website feels it is important to bring this story to the Public and on behalf of our Family Abused & Hurt.

Short Story Publication - Stress in most good people's lives comes from interaction with evil people.
ONE SUCH PERSON IS >> Bundy, Richard - Rockville / Vernon, CT. LOOK FOR THIS; Coming Soon.

BUNDY Still trying to fool people - revised :

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