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Richard Bundy's actions or lack of: his attitude, his personality appears to infect others to the point of providing enough STRESS giving no support even to HIS OWN (Bundy's) family members; His daughter and ex-wife which have resulted in part, over the years - Suicide (committed out of despair) & Death (in this writers opinion). Not limited to his apparent lack of protection for children, - Example; read the Verified Complaint regarding turning off the power in the Canada house effecting others including an infinite child - Done knowingly to hurt - to force his will and demand over others - being it is his way or no way, and a move to cause to cripple to control. More strange in that Bundy professes his Protection & Safety of Kids; but that is for the benefit of the public to bolster his own image as "A good Man" and acts as advertising. This evil personality becomes so embedded that the reflection takes form even in the least of this his daily actions, including greed in Bundy's daily pursuit that it becomes normal. NOT THE FIRST OR SECOND TIME BUNDY HAS HURT CHILDREN: BUNDY SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR THE SALE OF THE HOUSE AND AGREED TO IT AS DESCIBED IN THE VERIFIED COMPLAINT REQUESTING 8 MONTHS BETWEEN THE SIGNING AND THE CLOSING AND FAILED TO CLOSE LEAVING THAT FAMILY AND CHILDREN OUT ON THE STREET COLD HAVING TO STAY IN A HOTEL AND FIND OTHER LIVING ARRANGEMENTS.

Bundy has much BLOOD on his hands! - - Not JUST once, BUT several TIMES. Makes a Pattern.

Bundy "An evil person of normal intelligence is a person who makes life difficult, painful, and unpleasant for the good people around, often built in;" after years of selfishness ... Built within. "Evil people of normal intelligence are careful to do their best to blend into good society. This insulates and protects them from the angered reaction of good people; who would hammer them just as hard as they hammer the least intelligent of the evil."

Additional Information to be Provided:

Listings to IRS, Federal / Canadian & State Agencies Exhibits including information filed 2013; also, to follow:

Additional complaints / charges for stolen Tires & Wheels to CT DMV & CT State Police to be filed and information to follow:

Spread Sheets, Court Papers & Transcripts, and links to Exhibits to follow:


**All information is publicly available and true. Motions & Exhibits will verify The truth of this website content.

*The editor of this Website feels it is important to bring this story to the Public and on behalf of our Family Abused & Hurt.

Short Story Publication - Stress in most good people's lives comes from interaction with evil people.
ONE SUCH PERSON IS >> Bundy, Richard - Rockville / Vernon, CT. LOOK FOR THIS; Coming Soon.

BUNDY Still trying to fool people - revised :

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